Compliment Getters: Our Most Attractive Aromas for the Holiday of Love

Published : 02/06/2019 13:30:03
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Compliment Getters: Our Most Attractive Aromas for the Holiday of Love

These Attractive Aromas Are Sure to Win Over Some Compliments

Love is in the air and so are Parfum de Marly's attractive aromas. Perfume is the perfect accessory to match with any style - the trick is finding which one best compliments your unique taste. As admirers come from near and far, test out your favorite Parfum de Marly scents. These fragrances are perfectly sculpted to reel in the adoring compliments.


Layton is purely addictive. The scent infuses bergamot with lavender and geranium. To finish it off, vanilla, wood, and a hint of caramelized coffee undertones emanate from your presence. Compliments will start pouring over you as you wear this striking flavor. Pair these warm scrumptious aromas with your attractive style this season.


Pegasus embodies a distinct unisex flavor, exclusive to Parfums de Marly. Its unique appeal blends bergamot and almond, making way for the vanilla, sandalwood, and amber base notes. This strong aroma is sure to turn heads as you breeze past your admirers. For a bold, masculine aroma, Pegasus is suited for your nature.


Smoky vanilla scents blend well with cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, cypriol, and musk. Floral middle notes are topped off with fresh cinnamon and pepperwood top tones. This exotic combination is truly a treasure amongst our line. Men and women alike gawk over this powerful aroma, as it brings an appealing and distinct scent to a person’s being.


For a more feminine touch, Delina embodies the Turkish rose, backed by facets of lily of the valley and peony. Floral tones are followed by the depth of wood and frankincense. This artful combination brings an air of mystery to your appeal. Delina’s multi-faceted scent will truly entice your loved ones. They won’t be able to stop themselves from drowning you in adornments.

The unmatched aromatic combinations of Parfums de Marly’s line brings an attractive appeal to each of its wearers. Adorn yourself in any of these popular fragrances and your essence will immediately heighten. For a complete look at our fragrance line, browse our perfumes collection. Parfums de Marly always embodies an air of royalty.

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