Don the Pristine Full-Bodied Fragrance Smell by Parfums De Marly

Published : 10/23/2018 18:38:08
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Don the Pristine Full-Bodied Fragrance Smell by Parfums De Marly

Full-bodied Fragrances for The Lavish Spirit

Refined, full-bodied fragrances are matched with aristocratic exclusivity to bring you the most majestic line of Parfums de Marly to date. Percival brings a subtle balance of citrus tones to a woody, natural base to evoke full-bodied scents with each spritz.

The founder of Parfums de Marly, Julien Sprecher, worked in close collaboration with Hamid Merati-Kashani and Maison Firmenich. Their keen noses and combination of expertise helped to craft a remarkable line of robust perfumes, unmatched by any competitor.

The Signature

An elegant and dreamy combination of scents combine to form the perfect natural balance, suited for any person’s luxury needs. Bergamot and mandarin blend smoothly with the slight hints of jasmine, violet, and geranium. The fresh smells then overlap with lavender, coriander, and cinnamon to bring a musky twist to its finish.

The unique and meticulous combination of these lavish scents offer a signature aroma that one could only dream of.

The Percival Man

Don’t let the name fool you, this scent is perfectly suited for every perfume lover in search of a luxurious, rich tone and unlike any other fragrance in the Parfums De Marly collection. The extremely long lasting fragrance is created with only authentically raw materials, and every perfume user will stand tall with a freshness only Parfums de Marly can provide.

Natural, earthy notes highlight the pure, raw ingredients embedded into each bottle of Percival perfume. For men and women alike, Parfums de Marly extenuates the subtly hints of each layer of ingredients. To top it off, each bottle comes encased in a royal blue jewel, closing with a chrome plated zamak triangle hood – because your luxurious air only deserves the best.

These robust, full-bodied fragrances both offer effortlessly rich aromas, suited for either the male or female wearer. Natural, earthy hints balance out the vigorous and lively tones to bring you a pristine and sought-after scent.

Find the new line of Parfum de Marly, Percival, at Nodrtsom, Bloomingdales, and independent perfumeries. What are you waiting for? Experience the essence of nobility today.

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