Fragrance Layering: Skin Care Techniques

Published : 01/16/2019 13:23:00
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Fragrance Layering: Skin Care Techniques

Don’t Ruin A Fragrance Application With Improper Skin Care Techniques

When it comes to body cream and fragrance adornment, no one wants to be the one who overdoes it. Although proper fragrance layering can be a tricky feat, knowing the correct method can do wonders for your presence. Before stepping out the door, make sure you look over these tips on skin care techniques.

Accompany the Aroma

Many people believe layering fragrances is a taboo skin care technique, but we’re here to tell you that you have nothing to fear. With the right combination, layering body cream with our fragrances will compliment the differing tones. Lotion layered beneath perfume is a great way to help your fragrance linger longer on your body. When you are anticipating a long day at work, or you are looking forward to an evening out, this combination is a godsend.

Understand the Compliments

When done right the fragrance layering process brings an immaculate aromatic combination to its wearer. However, some combinations work better than others. A floral body cream followed by a spritz of musky scent will result in a deep, rich tone. Citrus scents compliment woody fragrances very nicely. For a hyper- feminine combination, try layering fruity tones with floral essences. If you’re keen on this aromatic combination, look out for our new product, Delina Body Cream. Fruity, yet floral, this beautiful arrangement will pair nicely with any lotions or mists with lighter, airy tones. No matter what combination you decide on, always remember to layer strong scents with lighter ones.

Think About the Occasion

Layering fragrances is a perfect opportunity to create a custom scent, perfectly suited for your unique occasion. Just keep in mind how the combination will reflect your presence in the room. For a brief day-time meet up with friends, try layering light, fresh scents. For a luxurious formal event, artfully layer heavier aromas.

Getting creative with these luxurious scents may seem challenging at first, but the high-quality essence of Parfums de Marly will astound you. Keep these skin care techniques in mind as you navigate the fragrance layering process. Whether you choose to compliment your favorite scents or don Parfums de Marly all on its own, you’re sure to turn heads with our immaculate aromas. Look out for our latest scent, Delina Body Cream, releasing just in time for Valentine’s day. Feel free to browse the rest of our perfume collection as well. With Parfums de Marly, your aromas will always exude an air of luxury.

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