Musky Holiday Fragrances

Published : 12/06/2018 20:14:16
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Musky Holiday Fragrances

Stuff Stockings with Our Holiday Fragrance Collection

The holidays are approaching quickly, and many people ask themselves the inevitable question, “What gifts should I get for my loved ones?” This time of year shouldn’t be stressful, but it tends to be when we can’t decide what to give to our friends and family. Parfums de Marly’s musky holiday fragrances is the answer to your holiday worriment.

The musky fragrances we have for you to choose from include: Percival, Herod, Galloway, Godolphin, Shagya, and Meliora. The earthy tones are especially delightful in this frigid winter season. Each aroma is fresh, sensual, and would be a special holiday gift.

What makes Percival a memorable gift? Your first experience with the scent is a blend of natural Jasmine, Violet and Geranium overlapping with Lavender, Coriander, and Cinnamon. Once sprayed on the skin, the Musk mixes with Pepper and absolute Balsam fir, giving emphasis on the scents with woody spices revealing in the base notes. Percival is priced at $205 for the 2.5oz and $295 for the 4.2oz.

Herod exudes a smoky vanilla scent, with a base consisting of Vanilla Pods, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cypriol and Musk. The fragrance boasts of floral middle notes of Osmantinus, Tobacco leaves, Frankincense and Ciste, topped off with fresh notes of Cinnamon and Pepperwood. Herod is stunning and would make a great holiday fragrance. It is priced at $200 for the 2.5oz and $290 for the 4.2oz.

Galloway would also make a great choice to put under the tree. This perfume boasts of top notes of Hesperides and moves on to become more sensual with the combinations of amber and musk. This fragrance exudes elegance and is priced at $200 for the 2.5oz and $290 for the 4.2oz.

If you’re looking for a scent that opens with fresh hints of thyme, spicy saffron and cypress, Godolphin is the right choice for you. Gift someone a fragrance anchored by Rose, Orris and Jasmine, finished off with heady woody notes of white Cedarwood, Vetyver, Leather, Musk, Amber and Vanilla. They’ll never want to use anything different. Godolphin is priced at $200 for the 2.4oz and $290 for the 4.2oz.

Shagya is the most exclusive of the Royal Essence collection. The top notes of the fragrance tingles with the Citric freshness of Limette, Bergamot and Pink Berries and gently gives way to a heart of Geranium, Cedarwood and Oud. Finally, the fragrance settles with woody scents of Vetyver, wood of Guaiac, Papyrus and musk. Shagya is priced at $275.

Your loved one will be ecstatic to receive Meliora for Christmas. The significant top notes express the unmistakable raspberries and black currants. The heart notes are coated with fresh Rose, Lily and Ylang. The strong base note combines with Woods, Musk and Vanilla to complete the lovely fragrance. Priced at $290, Meliora would make a perfect holiday gift.

It’s no question that Parfum de Marly’s perfumes would make a wonderful gift for the holidays. If you wish to test out the scents before purchasing, feel free to stop at our Marly Boutique at 805 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014. End the stress and present panic by gifting a holiday fragrance.

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