The Proper Method for Fragrance Testing

Published : 02/13/2019 13:40:01
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The Proper Method for Fragrance Testing

Fragrance Testing Done Right: Find Your Perfect Scent

Fragrances are nothing to be taken lightly. Your perfume preference does more than provide an air of luxury to your presence, it completely defines who you are. When deciding on your go-to aroma, it’s best not to rush the testing process. For an in-depth guide on how to test fragrances to their fullest effect, brief yourself on these tips below.

The Don'ts of Fragrance Testing

Walking around a department store, you’ll likely see a plethora of passersby pick up a bottle of perfume, pop off the lid, and smell it directly from its nozzle. This method is definitely a faux-pas. With this technique, you're only getting a sense of the top notes - not the entire depth of the aroma. Make sure you're spritzing the aroma out of the bottle to get the full effect of the scent.

It's also wise to refrain from the popular method of rubbing wrists together when testing fragrances. Since perfumes are comprised of a mix of oils, the top notes slowly evaporate to make way for the heavier tones to come through. When you rub your wrists together, the perfume may heat up faster than desired, and you will change the way it develops on your skin.

The Proper Way to Fragrance Test

Those thick white strips of paper surrounding perfume testers are there for a reason. Those pieces of paper are porous enough to absorb the perfume, giving an accurate feel for how it will wear on your skin. Just spray a few spritzes of the aroma into the air, and pass the strip through the sprayed area. Wave the strip below your nose to test the fragrance.

If your senses are already keen on the tested aroma, try sampling it on your skin. Spray the perfume on your wrist and wait about 20-30 seconds for it to settle. Waiting 30 minutes after that to smell the scent again will bring you a true feel for the aroma. Every scent sits differently on each person, so make sure you take your time deciding how it plays with your skin.

If you're looking for the perfect scent to add to your style, proper fragrance testing is essential. Follow these simple tips to find the best aroma suited for your skin. At Parfums de Marly, we have a diverse line of fragrances, each crafted with a unique set of aromas. Try out these fragrance testing methods when discovering your newest scent.

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