The Where and When of Perfume Application

Published : 03/28/2019 11:26:49
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The Where and When of Perfume Application

Enhance Your Aroma With Proper Perfume Application

Catching the aromatic fragrance of a passerby can be an intoxicating experience. You're left to imagine the kind of life they lead, the adventures they seek, and the decadence that is their aromatic calling card. Perfume is just that, a personalized partiality, a memory, and a sensation of times past - which we consciously surround ourselves with every single day.

Parfums de Marly has encapsulated French history, and the popularization of niche fragrances of the 18th century. Capturing its full aromatic potential is entirely dependent on proper perfume application. Discover the full benefits by following Parfums de Marly's application recommendations.

Let it absorb

Be wary that we are creatures of habit. Watching our mothers and fathers applying perfume or cologne as children taught us to spritz and rub. Our wrists and necks are hotspots for the sweet nectar. What many individuals may not know, is that heat can change the dynamic of the fragrance. By rubbing our wrists together, the friction ends up impacting the top and middle notes most drastically. It is suggested that a light spray left on the wrist, inner elbows, and neck will carry a longer lasting effect.

Use your hair

A hotter climate may pose more problems for your desire to carry your niche fragrance all day long. As temperatures climb, your body's natural defense mechanisms kick in to cool you down. Sweat and natural oils in our skin can impact the duration of our perfume. Fortunately, there are parts of our bodies which retain moderate coolness even on a hot day. Our hair is a great palette to welcome our favorite scents. Our hair is also likely to remain uncovered as our necks and wrists may lose their potency if covered up with a piece of clothing.

Proper storage

Shifts in temperature from one extreme to another are decidedly not the best environment for perfume. We commonly envision a beautiful vanity with ornamental bottles carefully displayed for one's viewing pleasure. A damp bathroom or a shelf in direct sunlight is heavily discouraged. Ultraviolet rays and heat could cause your perfume's natural ingredients to suffer. A room temperature environment, at approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit, in its original box is always the ideal solution.

Shelf life

We all know that once we've found our signature scent, we want to preserve it. It just so happens that the very essence of your favorite fragrance, the chemical combination and harmony between those essential oils and your skin are at their very best because of the freshness. That intoxicating potency should be enjoyed on a daily basis. Overtime, oxygen will wreak havoc on the scent's molecules, changing its integrity.

Applying an exquisitely crafted niche fragrance will be one of your favorite rituals of the day. With the appropriate storage and application of these treasures, you’ll embrace the aroma that stays with you all day long. Parfums de Marly is a master of their craft. Escape back in time and enjoy the essential aromas of Turkish Rose, Sandalwood, Tobacco & Vanilla - pure poetry. Parfums de Marly is where your scent extravagances come to life. Discover us today.

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