Timeless Perfume: These Scents Have Withstood The Years

Published : 01/09/2019 13:14:16
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Timeless Perfume: These Scents Have Withstood The Years

Our Favorite Timeless Perfumes, Perfect For Any Generation

In the world of fragrances, concoctions of aromas are constantly changing. For luxurious perfume distributors, it can be difficult to keep up with the heightening demands of fragrance-seekers. Fortunately, Parfums de Marly has several beautiful scents that have stood the test of time. These timeless perfumes are perfect for any age, and will carry beautifully with you if you choose to remain true to its scent for years to come.


Their namesake perfectly plays into their timeless essence. Safanad, meaning “the pure” subtly blends orange blossom with iris and ylang-yland. Hints of amber, sandalwood and vanilla finish off this intense flavor. For a pure, beautiful aroma suited for any age, try out our Safanad fragrance.


An elegant masculine flavor never goes out of style. This sensual aroma is centered around sandalwood. Warm hints of vanilla bring a smooth rich tone, balancing well with the dark notes of patchouli and opoponax. This full-bodied irresitable blend stands true amongst our timeless beauties.


Delicious berry scents pair perfectly with fresh rose, lily, and ylang. To even out the aroma, strong wood, musk, and vanilla base notes intertwine with your senses. Whether you’re new to fragrances or have gracefully aged, this fruity-floral aroma is sure to win over your senses.


The fresh scent of Percival is sure to be remembered. That’s why it’s ranked amongst our most timeless aromas. Bergamot and mandarin provide a unique yet enticing fragrance, mellowed out by the natural blend of jasmine, violet, and geranium. When spritzed on the skin, woody spices help to uncover the base notes, bringing together a full flavor.

For a deeper look into our timeless aromas, dive into our complete perfume line. With a variety of scents to choose from, you’re sure to find a fragrance to match your elegant personality.

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