Your Seasonal Niche Fragrance Shift

Published : 04/10/2019 13:48:28
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Your Seasonal Niche Fragrance Shift

A Niche Fragrance Shift To Complement The New Season

As the seasons change, we habitually welcome them as an old friend. There's tremendous comfort in the familiarity of traditions, holidays, and the sentimental aromatic relationships built around them. Spring has the ability to trigger a multi-dimensional range of emotions and sensations. With warmer temperatures on the horizon and the potential for new energy, it's a time of growth.

Like our environment, we too like to change with the seasons. Our daily routines inevitably adapt as temperatures rise, allowing us to leave the layers at home. Heavier lotions and scents are traded in for lighter, more refreshing products, and a fragrance shift is never far behind to complement the seasonal change. Parfums de Marly's essence of warmer days has perfected the right notes, encapsulating the nostalgia of this time into one bottle. So, what does spring smell like?

Notes of the Season

Welcoming fragrant floral notes and invigorating fruity scents are the most joy-eliciting aromas. An infusion of fresh Lavender, Rose, Tangerine, Cedarwood & Bergamot will replenish your senses. Spring is your wake-up call to go out and enjoy your surroundings, taking in the beauty that the world has to offer.

The Season of Cassili

Parfums de Marly has mastered the mood of warmer days, creating a feminine fragrance with unique olfactory notes. Hitting both modern and traditional sentiments - this is Cassili. Discover the joy and sweetness of a floral, fruity, and woody scent that will grow with you. Enjoy top notes of Red Currant, Bulgarian Rose & transparent white flowers, balanced with heart notes of Plum Accord, Mimosa Absolute, and Petalia. With a foundation of Sandalwood, Tonka Beans, and Vanilla Pod - master perfumer, Calice Becker & Nanako Ogi have created the perfect niche fragrance.

Something for Every Season

Parfums de Marly has the ideal fragrance for every season change. Over the years, olfactory memories are some of the most poignant we experience. So, as the warm weather subsides and we welcome the crispness of fall, Parfums de Marly will be there.

If you're looking to be inspired this season, discover our newest fragrance, Cassili. It's the perfect complement to spring mornings, summer nights, and your best memories to come. Parfums de Marly is where your scent extravagances come to life. Discover us today.

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